Tech Thursday: August 25, 2016

Pinterest acquires Instapaper  - Instapaper is a platform that allows you to save articles to read later. With its new algorithm, Pinterest saw a decline in the amount of articles being pinned/read. This will hopefully be able to suggest articles that are of interest to the user. 
Instagram Changes Flip Through Photos - Instagram is quietly changing their platform yet again. While the feature to scroll through an account or photos that come up with a hashtag search may not have been rolled out to everyone, it is not longer available for anyone. 

Google Photos - This is a great way to share and store customer photos you take!! 

PGA Live Video - The PGA is streaming their golf tournament on both Facebook and Twitter. They are asking users which golfer they would like to watch in the live stream, and trying to stay engaged with the audience. 

Pinterest debuts video ads - New video ads will allow users to expand Pinterest’s existing animated cinematic pins to access a full auto-play video with sound. There can be up to 6 buyable pins beneath each video as it plays.
Instagram quietly adds 2 new video features - In a sneaky update that didn’t even make the Instagram blog, Instagram now offers the ability to (1) zoom in/out while recording video, and (2) switch between front-facing camera and main camera during a video recording. You only need to use one finger to zoom, which highlights how easy & user-friendly it is and just how much they're working to include everything that's available in Snapchat.
Instapage updates mobile -  Their self-proclaimed biggest announcement of the year includes a brand new mobile platform that will automatically copy over the arrangement of elements on the desktop version to the mobile version. The web-based builder is also introducing a snap-to-grid feature, which will allow users to easily group/quickly align elements on both desktop and mobile.
Google introduces 2 new video apps - To compete with Apple and Facebook, Google introduces two new video apps, Duo and Allo.

Duo is essentially a replica of Facetime, with a unique feature “Knock Knock” that will allow the caller to appear as a live video (rather than a contact photo) before the recipient even answers the call. This feature is intended to make the live video call appear more as an invitation rather than an interruption to the recipient.

Allo will go up against Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp, offering cross-platform video calling for iOS & Android that automatically adjusts call quality.

Facebook live video can now be horizontal - Previously live video could only be taken vertically, but Facebook has now made it possible to take horizontal live video