Tech Thursday: September 8, 2016

Instagram Phases Out Photo Maps - According to Instagram, photo maps were not widely used, so they've decided to kill off this forgotten feature that allowed users to have a map full of pins with every location their photos have been tagged in. With the next update, you won't be able to click through to see anyone else's photo map, but you will still be able to see your own photo map. Locations will still be viewable on individual Instagram photos, just not clickable.

Instagram Crosses 1 Billion Download Mark -  With over 500 million subscribers and over 300 million daily active users, Instagram is making its mark. The Android app just reached the 1 billion download mark on the Google Play store this week, right behind many of the apps that come pre-installed on Android devices, including Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube.

Pinterest Launches Promoted Video Ads: According to AdAgePinterest is making a move to make video a part of the core experience. 

Facebook Tests Play Button -  Some users have started to notice a new PLAY icon on the bottom row of their Facebook icons. This will launch a "live video" newsfeed area of Facebook. This could have huge potential if Facebook indeed launches an easy to navigate and find, live video area on mobile. Right now you can only find it on desktop by going to

Use of Certain Hashtags On Twitter Results in Emojis - The NFL teamed up with Twitter to make branded hashtags that would insert team-themed emojis. 

New iPhone 7 to Debut Special Features for Instagram - The new iPhone7 will have special features on Instagram, including the ability to record gif-like movies without using a secondary app like Boomerang.

Snapchat is Worth Over $20B - Facebook offered to purchase Snapchat for $3 billion in 2013. Snapchat turned the offer down. In 2015, revenue for Snapchat was $59 million. Projection revenue for 2016 is between $250 - $350M. Next year, in 2017 revenue totals are projected to reach $1B. Now, after a few years of existence, Snapchat is valued at around $20B.

Facebook Testing New Feature on Android Newsfeeds - Facebook is in the very early stages of testing a "What Your Friends Are Talking About" area to the newsfeed. It's only appeared in some Android versions of the app so far, but it appears as a box, the same size as a normal image would be, and inside of the box it lists out a few friends and what they're saying about that topic.