Tech Thursday: September 15, 2016


Snapchat Introduces 3 New Ad Targeting Options - Snapchat is rolling out new options for ad targeting. "Snap Audience Match" will allow marketers to upload existing emails and mobile device IDs; "Snapchat Lifestyle Categories" lets brands direct ads to users who consume certain types of video content; "Lookalikes" will enable advertisers to target ads to consumers who are similar to existing audiences. The company says it has no plans to include a retargeting option.

Instagram Now Lets Everyone Filter Comments - Instagram had previously introduced other comment moderation tools, like swiping to delete comments, the ability to report inappropriate comments, and the ability to block user accounts.  This new feature will allow people to either enable a filter that will automatically block a default list of words to hide from their Instagram comments, or, with the custom keyword list, they can go further and choose certain words that they don’t want to see in the comments on their posts.

Facebook Shifts Messenger Toward E-Commerce - "Facebook released a new version of its chat platform (available on desktop and mobile.) Now, when a Facebook user clicks on an advertisement that appears in their Facebook feed, the click can open a Messenger window that contains either a copy of the ad or a pre-constructed message from the seller. Users can then interact with the retailers' chat bots to proceed with a purchase, complete with making a payment while still inside the chat platform." (Source:

Apple Unveils New iOS 10 Software Update - Popular updates include the ability to delete apps that were previously permanent on all iPhones (ex: compass, stocks, weather), access to the camera by swiping left on the lock screen, and Tapback which is a quick and simple way to respond to messages with just a tap including a quick thumbs up, heart, or haha icon. (sources: and

Twitter's Allowing Longer Tweets: Twitter is no longer going to count media attachments (photos, videos, GIFs, polls, etc.) and twitter handles in tweets and replies as a part of the 140 character limit.

Adblock Plus vs. Facebook Ad-Blocker Blocker- "Adblock Plus and Facebook have engaged in a hacking war. On August 11, Facebook altered the code of its ads to resemble News Feed posts, thus preventing Adblock Plus from filtering out ads on desktop. Adblock Plus parried within a few hours, and Facebook subsequently responded. Now, Adblock Plus is ready to counter again." Adblock's chairman Tim Schumacher made a quick note on disclosures, "We don’t want to kill banner advertising just to have influencers do product placements which aren’t clearly marked. At the end of the day, the fact that Facebook will always have to disclose their advertising means that they’re always vulnerable. Because the human eye should detect it. And what the human eye can detect, you can detect with ad rules.” Source: Contently

Facebook inserts 'People You May Know' in their Messenger App - The next time you open up Facebook Messenger you might see them suggesting people you know and asking you to add them as Facebook Friends!  This feature is being tested with users and opens up the possibility of Facebook Ads in the Messenger app, sooner than later!