Tech Thursday: September 29, 2016

Snapchat Rebrands as Snap Inc. and Introduces New Product - Snapchat is now Snap Inc., rebranding itself as a camera company rather than a social media app. Currently, the Snap Inc. line includes two products: Snapchat and the new Spectacles. According to TheNextWeb, Spectacles are a $130 pair of sunglasses that have an integrated video camera with a 115-degree lens.

Facebook Allows For Product Tags in Posts - Facebook recently opened up the option to tag products from your online store in your photos on Facebook. This will allow users to quickly access both the name & price of the product they're looking at, and will ultimately point them to view that product on the store's website (see examples below).




Snapchat Deletes Official Facebook Page - According to VentureBeat, Snapchat has deleted its official Facebook page. The primary reason is the lack of activity on the social networking site. Prior to being deleted, the official Snapchat page had 6.5 million “likes” with posts spread out over months. The last public post was somewhere between Aug. to Nov. of 2013." 

Get Notified When Facebook Users & Brands Go LIVE Every Time -  To be notified when your friends and favorite brands go LIVE on Facebook, just go to the page you want to be notified is going LIVE.

Click the arrow down on the "Liked" button. Select the little pencil next to notifications.

Fill in the "All Live Posts" button. Done!


Twitter Releases New "Website Conversions" Objective For Ads - According to AdWeek, Twitter's new "Website Conversions" objective receives 2.5 times the volume of conversions of similar campaigns using objectives such as Website Clicks (which is now being renamed to Website Visits).

Facebook Live Glitch - We've experienced problems with sound not matching the video when we shoot live videos for pages via the native Facebook App. We suggest using the Facebook Business Manager App to do all live videos until the glitch is fixed by Facebook. 

Facebook Announces 4 Million+ Active Advertisers - According to, some stats that Facebook released earlier this week include...
• Facebook now has more than 4 million active advertisers (more than 70% are based outside of the U.S.) and more than 60 million businesses using pages. 
• More than 85% of active pages use mobile, about 40% have created ads via mobile. 
• More than 20% of active advertisers created video ads during the past month. 
• More than 30% of active small and mid-sized business pages on FB are women owned. 

Twitter Has 3 Major Potential Candidates for an Acquisition - Twitter is on-track to be bought out. The three front runners are Google, SalesForce, and Disney.

IAB Revises Ad Guidelines to Include Digital Marketing Assets - The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a nonprofit in NYC that establishes industry standards, announced that they have revised their ad guidelines to include virtual reality, 360 video ads, and digital ads using emojis, stickers, etc. to set a new standard for marketers and creatives.

Twitter Moments Now Available to All Users - Twitter officially announced that Twitter Moments, a curated feed of multiple tweets, is now available to all users. Moments can include anyone's tweets, including GIFs, photos, videos, and vines. Twitter recommends 10 tweets max for a consumable moment. Some ideas brands could try might include: this week's top tweets, best GIFs of the day, etc.