Facebook Ads 101: Why Should Businesses Care About Them?

How would you like to launch a promotion with a specific goal in mind, only to surpass that goal by about 400%, and do it all for less than what it takes to fill your car up with gas?? Sounds pretty good, right? Almost too good to be true? Wrong! It is true, and it is possible, and it’s just a few clicks away…

Why should businesses market themselves through social media? Because that’s where all the people are, and that’s where you have the ability to reach your target audience, at any time that you want. You can do this through email, through Facebook & Facebook ads, through Instagram & Instagram ads, through Twitter, through Snapchat, the list keeps growing and growing...

Out of all of the options available, why should a business specifically choose to market on Facebook?

No one knows your business better than you. You know where it’s at today, where you want it to be in a few months, you know who your regular customers are and who would never do business with you... you know your business inside and out!

Facebook, on the other hand, knows people. Over one billion people to be exact. People spending huge chunks of their days scrolling through the newsfeed to keep up with friends, the latest news articles, funny videos & memes, the list goes on and on. By choosing to market your business through Facebook, you’re allowing Facebook to do what it does best for businesses, and that’s connecting you with the people!

Why do Facebook ads work?  Quite honestly, a vast number of reasons, but the main ones that stick out are the ability to optimize for a variety of different objectives, catering to customers in all levels of the marketing funnel.

Everything from Raising Awareness of your Brand to Collecting Leads for your Company can be the objective that your Facebook ad campaign will be optimized for, and all you have to do is decide what your campaign goal is, and click the button accordingly.  

With Facebook ads you can also get very specific and targeted with who your audiences are, enabling businesses to truly make the most of their advertising budgets, no matter how large or small they might be.  

Going off of this, a third reason why Facebook ads work is the incorporation of pixels, allowing you to specifically see which ads are generating the actions you want & which ads are not working & should be shut off to save yourself some money!

Facebook ads can work for all types of businesses, but more specifically, Facebook ads can work very well for local businesses. Facebook ads allow business owners to make the most out of whatever marketing budget they might have, they can be turned on and off in an instant, the different ads platforms are all very user-friendly, and again you can get very specific & targeted with who your ads are reaching, which allows you to make sure your budget is being spent in the most strategic way possible.  


A local restaurant is re-launching Brunch on the Patio for the Summer season. They’re hoping for a decent turnout, 50-60 people would make them happy. Through the strategic use of Facebook ads along with smart audience selection & creative ad copy, we brought them 80 people for their first Sunday Brunch, and (take a deep breath before reading this next part) we sold them out of their brunch buffet the following week! That’s over 200 people in a restaurant that would’ve been happy with about 50 or 60 people. The best part? We did this all for less than $30 total because we were strategic and took advantage of just what Facebook had to offer.

So… You ready to launch your first campaign yet??