Imagine running a TV commercial and knowing exactly who watched it…

You can do that on the internet!

Not only are people watching more video on social networks than ever, but savvy advertisers are leveraging that data to continue marketing to those viewers, forever.

Our video services are built around current consumer trends (watching a ton of video on phones) and the endless supply of data that Facebook gives you, based on viewing habits.

Below are examples of implementing video into your game plan:

Social Commercials

Introduce your brand to unfamiliar audiences in a quick, consumable, and visually appealing video that shows who you are and why they should care. When someone watches at least three seconds — we can then retarget them with more messages.

Cragco Dumpster Rental

The Little Club


Create hype around sales events, lease deals, and more.

Research & Design

Northtown Jeep


It’s like reading a review before buying… Put your best customers in the spotlight and use their stories to build trust with potential customers.

Cragco Dumpster Rental

Cross State Funding


Teach your customers with tips, tutorials, demonstrations, or explaining how it all works to establish your expertise in a subject area.

William C. Rott & Son

OWM Buffalo


Inspire others about your story or showcase an exciting lifestyle around your brand.

OWM Buffalo


Showcase someone’s story in a formal set-up, featuring memorable sound bites.

Hilbert College

product showcase

Feature new, popular, or exciting products with in-depth detail.

Custom Photo Props


Repurpose videos taken over time to create fun, social, & momentum-filled videos.

William C. Rott & Son


Give your brand a fun and social vibe with wide angles and upbeat music.

Social Yeah


Capture the laughs, cries, and joys of people uniting at major events.

Absolut Care - Employee Appreciation Dinner

motion graphics

A different alternative to catching attention in the newsfeed, motion graphics can be used on their own or in combination with photos or videos.

Stevens Driving School